The Issues At Hand


Scott Zimmerman will Reduce the dependency on tax revenue by eliminating non-essential expenditures. In addition, he will Remove over-burdening and outdated tax liabilities from Nebraska citizens and Replace the state's income and property tax with a voluntary tax system.


Scott Zimmerman will open up lanes of opportunity for families to choose the best educational option for their children by bringing innovative education solutions to Nebraska and creating pathways for home school and virtual school opportunities. 

Second Amendment

Scott Zimmerman believes that 'shall not be infringed' means precisely that. He will ensure that Nebraska Citizens retain the right to own firearms and to defend themselves.

Small Businesses

Scott Zimmerman understands that small businesses have been and always will be at the core of Nebraska's Economy. Therefore, he will minimize Government interactions with small businesses to ensure owners have ample opportunity to flourish.

Economic Opportunities

Scott Zimmerman will prioritize bringing current and relevant career opportunities to add to our already existing marketplace. In addition, Scott will focus on retaining Nebraska work ethic and aptitude in Nebraska. 

Criminal Justice

Scott Zimmerman will relieve the pressure of the overpopulated prison system by evaluating laws and punishments associated with non-violent and victimless crimes. Instead, the state should focus on a justice system fostering rehabilitation, restitution, and assimilation into society. By reducing the prison population in our state, confinement is reserved for individuals who are a genuine threat to others, and the state is more prepared to protect the safety and security of individuals.

Property Rights

Scott Zimmerman will eliminate unnecessary and cumbersome regulations to allow property and landowners to manage their resources as they see fit.