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The Issues At Hand


The Nebraska tax system is a tangled web which needs to be sorted out completely. Long term, I see a Nebraska where income taxes do not exist and property taxes have a locked in rate and sunset date. Short term, as Governor I will focus insuring Nebraska's tax revenue is not being squandered away. It's a long road to a major tax reform in Nebraska, but I know that if we all work together, we can develop a fair and equitable structure to ensure our state has the resources it needs to thrive. 


As a state, we have a constitutional responsibility to provide access to public education for our children. As a society, we've been forced into a level of dependency on the current system. The government has a monopoly on schools, which continues to increase costs to the taxpayers in Nebraska year over year. We will begin by shifting the dependency on this system out by minimizing/reducing Government involvement in the creation, implementation, and access to Education programs outside of the Government run school system.

Second Amendment

The intent of the 2nd amendment is pretty cut and dry. American citizens have the right to keep and bear arms and this right shall not be infringed. Each and every gun law created beyond this amendment only serves to turn, otherwise, law abiding citizens into criminals. Federal Government overreach continues to be a burden on not only, Nebraskans but all American citizens. I will stand up against federal mandates, limit the Federal overreach in Nebraska, and place emphasis on Nebraska first.

Economic Opportunities

I will prioritize bringing current and relevant career opportunities to add to our already existing marketplace. In addition, I will focus on retaining Nebraska work ethic and aptitude in Nebraska by seeking opportunities to ignite travel and tourism in our state through the arts, entertainment and recreation industries.  

Criminal Justice

Incarceration in our state prisons should be a last resort and reserved for violent offenders and individuals who are a true threat to our safety and security. I will work to reduce the burden on this system by reducing or eliminating prison terms for offenders of victimless crimes, which is the majority of the system today. I will divert resources into rehabilitation and mental health programs in order to support these individuals' transition to becoming better citizens of Nebraska. The Judicial system must be non-political and I will work to ensure equality before the law is the top priority in our Judicial system. 


We are a nation of immigrants and we should always view ourselves as such. Being an American is awesome and I can certainly understand the draw. This biggest challenge we face is that our immigration system has failed to advance to meet the needs of the 21st century and must to be completely re-evaluated. Immigrants are here, many are here through legal means. Others are here and don't even know how to begin or are completely terrified of the immigration process. The process to become a legal resident in Nebraska needs to be more accessible and achievable for all individuals who wish to become residents of our state so they can become contributing members of our economy and society.

Medical Freedom

I am personally pro-life. However, I am also 100% anti-medical mandates. Medical professionals deserve to have access to all medical solutions to ensure best possible care of a patient. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is highly personal and should not be influenced by government mandates. Creating medical policies which only serve to turn citizens into criminals is not the solution. I believe the solution resides in mass education efforts and making over the counter birth control readily available. I will work to invest heavily in our foster care and adoption programs. We need to remove the negativity associated with single and teen motherhood and support these individuals by providing access to a support systems. Women should feel confident that a decision to carry a child to term is the best option, but also know that in cases of rape, incest, or medical complications, they will not be criminalized for seeking medical support. 

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