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Scott Zimmerman

Scott Zimmerman is a Master Certified Educator currently serving his community as an Elementary Teacher. Scott is a proud Husband, Father and Grandfather who believes that establish a bright and prosperous future for our future generations in Nebraska should be a top priority. 

Born and raised in Nebraska, Scott Zimmerman understands that Nebraska is a diverse state with many needs. Scott Zimmerman will represent you! 

As Governor, Scott Zimmerman will focus on Economic Freedom and Civil Liberties for all Nebraskans. 

​Scott Zimmerman is a servant leader who believes that the role of the Government is to protect the rights of the citizens it serves. With over 25 years of leadership background, Scott understands the importance of collaborative efforts. Scott excels at building highly effective teams and retaining talented individuals. As Governor, Scott will ensure that every Nebraskan’s voice is represented by selecting individuals best suited for the job based on experience, rather than political affiliation or economic status. 

Scott Zimmerman will work to make Nebraska a leader in the nation for jobs, for education and for everyday living! Scott will work to reduce the size and scope of Nebraska Government, all while ensuring Nebraska is a great place to live, work and play! 

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Jason Blumenthal
Lieutenant Governor

Jason Blumenthal is a native Nebraskan that believes the best Nebraska is possible when government
stays out of the way, is a responsible steward of our tax dollars, and enables our diverse citizenry to thrive in an environment of economic freedom and liberty. Because that right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is inherently granted to us by God, it cannot be taken away.

When Jason isn’t busy being a husband and father of 2, he is engaged with his career as an Account Manager in the IT infrastructure field. He has also served our country in the US Marine Corps Reserve and holds honor and integrity at the very top of his core values.

As your Lt. Governor, Jason will be a team builder who will deliver a strong work ethic, a warm demeanor, and a “can do” disposition that is bound by his strong belief that together, we can drive a breakup of partisan gridlock to get the necessary work done to truly make Nebraska an ideal place for all of us to live and put down roots.

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