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Scott Zimmerman is running for Governor because Nebraska deserves Better! Scott will serve Nebraska, as Governor, with integrity, professionalism and respect! 

Born and raised in Nebraska, Scott Zimmerman understands that Nebraska is a diverse state with many needs. Scott Zimmerman will represent you! As Governor, Scott Zimmerman will focus on Economic Freedom and Civil Liberties for all Nebraskans. 

Scott Zimmerman will work to make Nebraska a leader in the nation for jobs, for education and for everyday living! Scott will work to reduce the size and scope of Nebraska Government, all while ensuring Nebraska is a great place for you! 

Scott Zimmerman is a servant leader who believes that the role of the Government is to protect the rights of the citizens it serves. As Governor, Scott will ensure that every Nebraskan’s voice is represented. 

Scott Zimmerman envisions a Nebraska that emerges as a leader and innovator in agriculture, education, and commerce. 

Scott Zimmerman believes in Nebraska’s small cities, towns, and villages and understands the real value they bring to our great state. These communities are the backbone of Nebraska and need to be afforded the opportunity to thrive. 

Scott Zimmerman trusts Nebraska farmers to make decisions about their property and assets. As Governor, Scott will ensure that farmer’s voices are heard and that they will be free to manage their business as they see necessary to be successful. 

Scott loves Nebraska! Nebraskans have a reputation for a strong work ethic and neighborly disposition. We are known as loyal and dedicated people and it’s time we enable our greatest resource- you- to make the state one of the most prosperous in the Midwest,  It’s time to stop the exodus of our population; it’s time to give people a reason to stay in Nebraska. Scott Zimmerman will focus on bringing quality jobs to Nebraska.